Leah Joy

Singer, Educator, Actress, Advocate


Apollo Theatre. Carnegie Hall. Crossroads Theatre. Germany. Johannesburg. Jersey. New York. Leah Joy has shared her vocal and theatrical talents on some of the greatest stages in the world. Having earned her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Education from Eastern University, (she also spent a glorious semester at Spelman College during the fall of her senior year), Leah Joy is a proud educator. For the past three years, she has served as Behavior Specialist in Washington, D.C. and continues to perform in live stage productions.

***Cue the record scratch***

I take my coffee decaffeinated, really should travel more, though I have never actually spilled milk, I will cry; I love to spend time with a four year old who calls me “Auntie,” should spend loads more time at the gym than I do at Target, but hey, we’ve all got a vice or three. I’m just bringing some humanity and humor to the bio.

My name is Leah Joy Alease Hilliard. I am a sister to two, a daughter to two others; a few call me “friend,” some others refer to me as “mentor.” It is an honor to be in the lives of so many wonderful humans. I find bio’s to be pretentious and obnoxiously curtailed, so here ya go: A snapshot of this educator who prefers the stage over the classroom. I have tried, I have failed, I have received A’s; I have earned F’s. I have been misunderstood by teachers that did not know how to effectively reach a student with a learning disability. I have been abundantly blessed to have teachers and professors who took time to ensure that I understood the work, as they saw my future as valuable as the next student. I have been teased, I have been applauded. I have looked in the mirror and seen nothing but errors by the design of the Divine and I have long since learned the errors of my own warped thinking. I am alive today because of the prayers of people whom I know and love, as well as those that I have never met. Today, at thirty-six years into this thing called life, I have something to say to those who are following not too far behind me. I have a message for your child, for your teenager, your college student. This message will awaken a generation.